Afghan Information

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Afghanistan, a landlocked nation among South and Central Asia, is among the biggest and crowded nations of the world. With a history going back to the Middle Paleolithic Era, Afghanistan has from that point forward been home to numerous societies, conventions, ethnicity, and military crusades. Its key area as an intersection helped this Islamic nation develop a multi-ethnic culture that has individuals from assorted societies and foundation. Antiquated Afghanistan's swing to modernization started amid the eighteenth century. Afghanistan gloats of an extensive rundown of people who have put in their bit to construct a country wealthy in culture and legacy. Ideal from Hamid Karzai who filled in as the main President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Fatema Akbari who established the Gulistan Sasaqat Company, the rundown is perpetual. Abdul Ahad Mohmand, a space explorer, was the principal Afghan and the fourth Muslim to go in the space. In the field of managerial work as well, Afghans became famous. Mohammad Humayon Qayoumi, when the President of San Jose State University, today fills in as the Chief Adviser on Infrastructure and innovation to the President of Afghanistan. This segment gives you insights about the life and works of well known Afghans.

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