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Famous Ecuadorian People

Ecuador is a country found in South America and has a population of approximately 14 million people. The former Spanish colony borders the Pacific Ocean, Colombia to the north and Peru. Most of the Ecuadorian people are Christians and Roman Catholics account for up to 75 percent of the entire population. Ecuador has a rich history and is home to famous people who are world renown. These people have excelled in several including politics, sports, science, literature, and music.


The current president is Rafael Correa and was elected in 2007 while the founding president was Juan Jose Flores. Other famous politicians in Ecuador include the current head of the constitutional assembly Alberto Espinosa and Diego Borja who also serves in the National Assembly.

Ecuador is also home to a number of writers and poets. Fanny Carrion Ferro is arguably one of the most famous poets, writer, critic, and a university tutor. Ferro has written several essays and books that were translated into several languages; Alejandro Carrion is another famous poet novel writer and journalist. He is famous for his short but creative stories

Musicians and sports personalities

Ecuador is home to a number of classical musicians like veteran violin player Jorge Saade who has performed around the world, singer Christina Aguilera a top-selling artist in the world as well as famous guitar player Mayto Ballade.

Famous people who have excelled in sports include soccer star Alex Aguinaga who was capped 109 times by the national team. Veteran tennis star Andres Gomez is another sports personality. He is best known for winning the French open in 1990. He retired and now runs a tennis academy.

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