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Famous Hispanic People

Great Hispanians celebrities have contributed most of America’s rich and diverse culture. Most of these contributions are realized in areas like America’s art, literature, sports, science, and entertainment among other fields.


Some of the most famous Hispanic politicians include Fidel Castro who was the leader during the revolution period in Cuba. The 22nd president of Cuba played a big role in transforming the country into a socialist republic that engulfed the single party system.


Famous writers such as Colombian novelist, journalist, and screenwriter Gabriel Garcia Marquez, gained fame after winning the Nobel Prize in literature. Some of his famous works took account of novels like Love in the Time of Cholera, One Hundred Years of Solitude and Strange Pilgrims as well.


Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous Hispanic artists, songwriter, fashion designer, actress, and dancer. Popularly referred to as J.Lo, the American actress has pictured in many films and this has seen her receive several awards. However, the Hispanic songwriter has been ranked as being one of the top twenty richest women in the entertainment industry as well as the most eminent in the music industry.


Famous Hispanic people like Mario Molina have been involved in the world of science in carrying out various researches. For instance, he is among the pioneering inventors of the Antarctic ozone hole. The Hispanic scientist has also written about CFCs and the effect that it has on the ozone layer.

In 1995, Mario Molina was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry that saw him become the first citizen from Mexico to achieve the feat for valuable exertion in science.

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