Famous People Born In Delaware | List of Celebrities Biography

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Famous People Born In Delaware

The state of Delaware is found in the Atlantic Coast of the United States and covers an area of approximately 2489 sq. The state which has its capital in Dover has a population of around 840,000 people. Delaware is known by some other informal names like The First State, The Diamond State as well as the “Small Wonder State”. The economy of Delaware is dominated by both agriculture and industry and the state motto is liberty and independence.

The state of Delaware has its fair share of famous people. The most famous Delaware resident has to be the vice president-elect Senator Joe Biden. Biden has represented this state for the thirty-six straight years and ranks as the sixth longest-serving senator among the current crop of senators.

Other famous politicians born in Delaware include the current Governor-elect Jack Markell and the outgoing one Ruth Ann Minner. The latter was actually the first female governor in America. John M Clayton a former senator and secretary of state also hailed from this state.

In the sporting world, we have a whole basket full of famous people who call Delaware home. They include tennis star Madison Brengle who finished second in the 2007 Wimbledon championship, Colin Burns who is a soccer coach in Sweden and Charles Cooper the basketball player.

In the show business scene, there are a number of film stars who were born in Delaware. They include Cynthia Rothrock the martial arts film star, actress Elisabeth Shue, and the sensation film director Joe Carnahan. Famous academics from Delaware include Alfred Chandler the famous Harvard business school lecturer.

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