Famous People Diagnosed With Adhd | List of Celebrities Biography

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Famous People Diagnosed With Adhd

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder in children as well as adults. It is characterized by the inability to pay attention, hyperactivity as well as impulsive behavior. Doctors say that this condition may not be noticed until the child is about three to four years. With time, some of the symptoms of this disorder such as hyperactivity may end but others like the inability to pay attention may remain even in adult life. The list of famous people who had this disorder and went on to achieve great things in life is a clear sign that the condition is manageable.

Some of the famous people who have been diagnosed with ADHD include Physics and Mathematics guru Isaac Newton. Newton was initially poor in school but he recovered from the initial slump to discover a number of laws.

Woodrow Wilson the president of United States who led during World War 1 also had this disorder early in life. He overcame it to become one of the most charismatic leaders ever known. The Wright brothers Orville and Wilber best known for developing the Airplane also suffered from this condition.

The inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell also had ADHD and so did veteran country music singer John Denver. Winston Churchill failed his sixth grade while in school because of this disorder but he later found his footing to become one of the world’s greatest diplomats.

He led Britain during the Second World War. Current stars who have this condition include comedian Bill Cosby, Actor Tom Cruise, and Will Smith. Veteran artist Leonardo da Vinci also had ADHD.

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Famous People Diagnosed With Adhd

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