Famous People With Cancer | List of Celebrities Biography

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Famous People With Cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease that occurs when body cells undergo mutation and grow out of control. It can either be inherited or may be initiated through exposure to carcinogens. Cancer causes tumors and sometimes attacks the bloodstream. It can affect virtually any organ in the body including lungs, prostate glands, thyroid gland, ovary, breast, kidney, liver, colon, and brain. Leukemia is cancer that is specific to the blood.

Cancer can be treated during its early stages of attack through surgery, chemotherapy or through radiotherapy. At its advanced stages, cancer has no known cure but can be controlled to prolong one’s life.

Famous People With Cancer : 

Bob Marley is an iconic artist that died of melanoma. Sigmund Freud was subjected to over thirty operations to remove tumors in his jaws. At his request, a friend euthanized him in 1939.

Kylie Minongue is a young star who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and is undergoing treatment to slow the damaging effects of cancer on her health.  Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa is currently in remission following the revelation in 2001 that he has prostate cancer. Before he won the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed in 1996 with testicular cancer, with only two percent chance of survival.

Delta Goodrem, an Aussie pop star, has lived with Hodgkin’s disease ever since she was eighteen years old.  Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov was in 1972 diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid gland. Elizabeth Edwards, Linda Ellerbee, Belinda Emmett, Sasha Ferrer, and Mickey Wright are among celebrities and prominent personalities that have lived with breast cancer.

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Famous People With Cancer

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