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Famous People With Diseases

Alzheimer’s Disease : 

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious health issue with approximately five million infected people in the United States alone. Victims of Alzheimer include baseball player Joe Adcock, actors Dana Andrews, Mabel Albertson and Charles Bronson. Former Republican Senator Carroll Campbell and opera impresario are also known to be victims of the disease.

Cancer : 

Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells undergo mutation and divide uncontrollably. Over one hundred different types of cancer affect the body. Famous people such as James Baker, Jeff McCorkle, Elizabeth Choy, and Mike Synar are currently known to suffer from cancer.


AIDS is a prevalent disease throughout the world. Quite a number of celebrities are infected with AIDS. Magic Johnson, a legendary Basketball player is a self-proclaimed AID victim.

Asthma : 

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that occasionally constricts the airway. The disease is characterized by impairment of the respiratory tract. Such great personalities of ancient days as John F. Kennedy and Ludwig von Beethoven were asthmatic. Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor are among prominent personalities suffering from cancer today.

Diabetes : 

Famous people have not been spared by diabetes which is a condition caused by insufficient production of insulin hormone that converts glucose into fats. Business leaders who have diabetes include Howard Huges, Ray Kroc, and James Conkling. Diabetic musicians include Nat Adderley, David Crosby, and Peggy Lee.

Liver Cirrhosis : 

Heavy drinking has been a major contributing factor to liver cirrhosis. William Painter succumbed to liver cirrhosis after living with the disease for months.

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