Famous People With Hemophilia | List of Celebrities Biography

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Famous People With Hemophilia

Famous people who suffer from genetic diseases such as hemophilia have often drawn great public attention and curiosity. The successes of such people have inspired members of society to pursue excellence in their areas of specializations despite their delicate health conditions.

The Royal Disease : 

 Hemophilia, also known as “the royal disease”, is a genetically related blood disorder that makes the blood to take abnormally long to clot. Hemophiliacs, therefore, tend to bleed longer after an injury compared to people without the condition. Tsarevitch Alexei, a Russian prince inherited hemophilia from his mother, one of the daughters of Queen Victoria. Currently, estimates show that more than 20,000 individuals in the U.S.A. are hemophilic.

Political Leaders : 

Great political leaders of the past such as Ghengis Khan and Abraham Lincoln are known to have suffered from hemophilia.

Abraham Lincoln reigned as the first President of the United States for close to four years. He is favorably remembered for giving great leadership directions during the Civil War of the 1980s and for his Emancipation Proclamation that led to the freeing of Confederate slaves.

Ghengis Khan was a great warrior and tribal chief famous for subjecting millions of people to suffering and death through his brutal military attacks during the thirteenth century. Ghengis firm empire lasted over one hundred and fifty years after his death.

Active Campaigners : 

Ryan Wayne White a hemophilic American teenager is famously remembered for his campaigns against HIV and AIDS. Ryan surprised the public by living five years in excess of what doctors had predicted and died in 1990. Mother Theresa, a hemophiliac, is famous for her humble ministry in helping the homeless, lepers and the destitute in Calcutta, India.

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