Famous People With Leukemia | List of Celebrities Biography

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Famous People With Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow or blood which is normally accompanied by impaired blood clotting, anemia, and abnormal expansion of the liver, spleen and lymph nodes. A wide range of diseases fall under leukemia

Artists :

Quite a number of famous personalities and celebrities have fallen victim of leukemia. Renowned actor Bruno Kirby of City Slickers was diagnosed with leukemia which later led to his death at 57 in Los Angeles.

Grammy award winner Rapper Nelly’s sister Jacqueline Donahue died of leukemia after a long struggle with the disease. Jackie who made serious efforts to raise awareness about leukemia suffered a relapse that prompted the necessity for bone marrow drives. It was however unfortunate that no matches were found despite serious efforts to save her life.

Sportsmen : 

Bill Walsh who was a famous 49ers coach of the 1980s died of leukemia at 75. Bill who is considered a genius for his pass-oriented attacks died at his Bay in San Francisco. Walsh was crowned Coach of the year two times during his career as a coach among other accomplishments.

World Politicians : 

Several politicians throughout the world have died of leukemia. Louis Mayer, Claude Gernade Bowers, William C. Bullitt, Jesse A. Younger, William N. Greer, Nicholas Coleman, Winfield Schuster, Daniel Fordice and Craig Thomas are only a few famous politicians who fought with leukemia but finally lost.

Newsman :

Ed Bradley was a renowned CBS newsman who was awarded a total of nineteen Emmy Awards during his career of twenty-five years. Ed who was one of the “60 minutes” staff died at the age of sixty-five in November 2006 following an operation on his spleen.

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