Famous People With Skin Cancer | List of Celebrities Biography

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Famous People With Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is caused by the malignant growth on the skin. It develops in the epidermis and the cancer tumor is visible.   Skin cancer is named according to the type of the skin cell it arises from. The most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Symptoms of Skin Cancer : 

The symptoms of skin cancer in the body include rough and scaly patches on the skin, ulcers in the skin, skin discoloration, flat scaly areas of the skin that are either red or brown, changes in existing moles and crabs or changes in the skin that do not heal, red lump, spot or bump that is shiny, pale in color, waxy and smooth in color.

Treatment of Skin Cancer : 

Skin cancer can be treated by micrographic surgery which is used to remove cancer. Radiation therapy and cryotherapy can also be used to control the cancer disease.

It can also be treated by removing the lesion and making sure that the edges are free from of tumor cells. Skin cancer can also be reduced by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, application of sunblock, use of sunscreen and avoiding sunburns.

The skin cancer can also be treated by electrodesiccation and curettage or it can also be treated by cryosurgery.

Famous People With Skin Cancer :

The famous people with skin cancer include Tom Usher the CEO - US Steel, Reg Park - Bodybuilder, John McCain (Melanoma) - US Senator, Stuart Entwistle - Surfer, Edward McGaffigan Jr. (Melanoma) - Member of Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Joe Roth (Melanoma) - Football Player, Wayne Bode a Serial Killer and Fitz Dixon Jr.

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Famous People With Skin Cancer

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