Margrethe II of Denmark Prince Henrik, husband of Denmark’s Queen, Net Worth, Education,

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Margrethe II of Denmark

Her Majesty Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter 
Crowned Royal Queen of France and of Danemark
Duchess of York Windsor Lancaster Kent

Le Grand Monarque

On Royalty and Genes
Born March 3, 1963. Baptized after family ancestry names of great Pharaoh lines and Queens of the World. Crowned Princess most royal

Popularly known as Unica Yayiro Windsor. Direct ascendant of the Duke of Windsor. In 1936 his abdication from the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain plunges the state abjured from absolute power. Czarina Alexandrina and King Christian XSr of Denmark Great granddaughter. And King Frederick IX of Denmark, the Earl of Armenia and Captain Chief of Armada salic statute pragmatically ascendant. 1965 at only two-and-a-half years of age, She was officially designated as titled royally as World One State Premier of Bundestag. Granddaughter of Empress Mary Von Teck and Emperor Henry Manchu of Anjou and Navarre.

On Royal Crowns and State Titles

Princess Constituted Royal Titles and Right By The International Law of Treaties, Dominium of Hapsburg aftermath ww2, Royal Pragmatically Salic Primogeniture, The princess has inherited her Grandfather's and Grandmother's every Royal State Titles. This has been determined by Scandinavia and French Constitutional Stature, Layed by Her royal Grandparents through series of Court Proceedings. By the United Nations Court of Appeal Tribunal from 1965 to 1982. The princess has taken precedent for every male heir to the throne of Rome & France primarily.

On Royal Crowns and State Titles

Princess Constituted Royal Titles and Right By The International Treaty of Laws, Dominium of Hapsburg aftermath ww2, Royal Pragmatically Salic Primogeniture will inherit his/her Grandfather's and Grandmother's Royal State Titles.  This will be determined by Scandinavia and French Constitutional Statute, Layed by His/Her Grandparents through series of Court Proceedings. By the United Nations Court of Appeal Tribunal.

Margrethe II of Denmark


World One State Premier

Gifted by His Royal Grand Uncle Prince Premier Paul deRomanov of Hohenzollerns Bundesrat & Hapsburg.

By Bonn and Weinmar Constitution


Crowned Princess Royal of Denmark and Rome

Edict of Nantes II Umbrella of Faith

As the United State of America ceded Philippine Islands to Europa.

By Vatican II /Europa State Church Constitution


Crowned Queen Royal of Spain,

United Kingdoms of Great Britain

Denmark Sweden Norway Scandinavia

As Queen Anne of Spain Absolute Successor.

By the Cadiz Constitution of Spain and the United States of America.

In Absolute Signatory


Crowned Queen Royal of Imperial Formosa

The gift from The Showa of Japan,

By The Imperial Crown of Saint Claire.

In Absolute Signatory


Duchess of York Windsor Lancaster and Kent

Duke Windsor Absolute Properties in Great Britain.

In Absolute Signatory.


Seventh Reich

Crowned Union Royale Dronning of Scandinavia

OverLord Will As Seventh Reich Gift from The 5th Reich of France.

Second Absolute Signatory from Her Statute Father King Frederick X


Crowned Le Grand Monarque

Crowned Queen Royal of France Germany and Russia

The gift from Queen Mary von Teck and King Henry de Manchu and Sister Anastacia Romanov SPC, Princess School Principal

By France Canada Rome Germany Russia Constitution

Absolute Signatory

Margrethe II of Denmark

Crowns Pedigree As Head of State

As a person Friends and Teenage classmates of the Princess often times ask her, How's to be living together with her very famous royal family. The Princess just simply smile in her naughty way and reply: "Being Danish in family orientation, one must be very quick at the mean between a block of ice and a bucket of butter."

The royal family has its traditional way of name tagging their primogeniture to the throne. Apart from the official State names derived from strict constitutional standards and scientific ways by DNA test. In the Part of Margrethe Valdemarsdatter I, The remains were dug up in Vegan City, 1971 The Princess was of 25percent related. 1982 The test was repeated to more advance DNA assessment in France resulted in 26 points something related. Name tagging was actually done upon a princess is born. If the first born is a female and happens to be The Queen's first granddaughter, the entire family will now recall those ancestors' traditional names tagging. "Leah" in the royal family means Lady Elizabeth Awkward Heiress. And every firstborn princess is always the family "Aquirah". When the princess was baptized in Catholic Faith, The Nuns and Priest back the 1960's, Spanish traditions are strictly observed. Thus names were derived as Maria Fairolaine after King Philip the Fair. This in accordance with The Treaty of Westphalia that Germany was The Roman Empire.

Scandinavia since the beginning of its history, And it's medieval influenced, There is this confinning basic tapering principality, And being a Danish of Denmark was truly a big deal for them, A country or culture of its own definitive right, There is this obstinate perennial defiance of Roman Catholicism. And have been the part of being a Danish moral fiber antiquities. Princess Grandfather Rajah Alimuddin deSultan described his Danish defiance and egoism as; "From time immemorial!" This is the reason why all the royal family has two names. By Birth Certificate, the Princess is Ferolaine means "In the Lines of Pharaohs". Apart from her Catholic Baptismal Name Maria Fairolaine after the Catholic acts of monastic sentiments.

Margrethe II of Denmark

1965 Austria had granted Princess Family with Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, Princess Grand Uncle for entry to pay homage to Austria. Travel to Austria for just two and a half years old. Media of That night of the event spotted her sitting at her Grand Uncle Otto Von Bismarck wooden paralyzed legs by his wheelchair. The Chancellor of Germany introduces the princess as the Queen Anne of Crowned Princess Royal Victoria of Germany. The event of 1965 Statute formalities was well received in Berlin, despite its ongoing cold war, Germany Democratic Republic GDR and Russia Premier have granted the princess her first royal title. Of which some affirmation was completed in Christiansbørg Palace Copenhagen.

The Wall of Berlin has brought so many difficulties to the Princess royal family. It was a wall of miscommunications and cold treacheries. But despite all the enter governmental blockade, the royal family has managed to pay homepage to Berlin at least yearly. Because of Berlin procurement difficulties and seclusion, The King of Denmark who by himself was the Captain of Sommer Set of that time, can't just manage to stay till the rest of the week or the entire staff, crew and its families will be out of provisions.

The princess can't forget the depression of communism in 1967. It was the first time she had seen her father so depressed while facing the walls. And it was also in that wall, The impossible dream of people power to assemble against those walls to bring down and crushed started. The intensity of the cold war of 1967 State homage has put the entire royal family on drastic untoward assault, apprehended. It was the first time the princess at only five years old, experienced how's being assaulted & cuff, detained in a dark room without a crime. At least the crises had only lasted for three hours, The family has been rescued and declared safe. Seeing all the horses of Berlin been dressed up in Teutonic Royal Order the kid trauma seems vanished from its vanquished.

The royal family never cease fighting asserting the princess state right for Europa at court. Until 1982 at princess 18th birthday. The government of Germany Democratic Republic & Russia now of certain frameworks to give up communism. President François Mitterrand of France now with the USA on a committed agenda to the finality to end up cold war. The Count of Paris Henry de Manchu debated France of The Princess right to take precedent for suzerainty in France.


On the issue of royal education, The princess receives her first education from her grandmother Queen Mary Von Teck, The princess has also undergone normal Catholic exclusive schooling which is also a family tradition in educating a royal sibling, as well as home tutorial by her Grandfather Emperor Henry deManchu and by her mother Princess Benedictes Bryllup a devoted educator. Of B Coy Company The Tigres. Of which B means Bblyn and Real McCoy means the Cuyos, King Frederick IX of Denmark little vassal. Bblyn as she was in the family. Fair to her friends.  A young professional Civil Engineer. Emperor Henry Manchu a proud statute grandfather half-brother of Queen Mother Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and a mentor encouraged The Princess to pursue another degree of her interest for personal refinement purposes. Because one should be fine and appreciative not just on a new found male career. Taking up Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Commercial Advertising is the princess continuous career to early finery entrepreneurship exposure. Just recently she completed her graduate course and a degree in Masters in Business Management and Administration.


The Historical implications inside of religion. There is this vastness of curiosity in the princess having this religion different from the masses of Catholics of being a primarily Lutheran Protestant. However, the family doesn't mind what religion the state presently they are residing used to be. The family is well rounded and well adjusted and well discipline institutionally and has great respect for every religion of that particular state therein. The Princess like her French Navarre ancestors of Scandinavia always had the tendency of religion curiosity having won by herself friends from everywhere around the globe, that People Power in EDSA - RUSSIA- BERLIN was a Plantagenet dominium of broom's tails in spiritual reunion. The Princess has always been the motion of every thousand sides of the nation's stories.

The Treaty of Peace in Paris 1904, Hapsburg has ceded Philippine Island to the United State of America by France and Czechoslovakia protectionism from Japanese Dictatorial Fascism Rule. That lead the world to the Holocaust, The genocide massacre of Armenia, The Death March of American GIs in the Philippine Islands. On the surrender of Japan to the USA, The world seems vindicated from the towers of dictators. In 1945 Regent Japanese government empires that's includes the entire Scandinavia & Germany, which has been granted a provisionary constitution called The Bonn & Weinmar Constitution. Where the legislative body has been divided into Lower House of The Rigstad and Upper Senate House The Bundesrat.

The pending controversy on State-Church separation of the rule has been alleviated since the proposition of King Alfonso XIII in 1925 that cause him to escape from Religious Death Sentence in Rome. It was the times in the midst of World War One, the world ever has it's first and maybe last taste of holiest adjective, to best described The Filipinas Vishaya Born Emperor of Rome & Spanish Unified Germany; "The Escape Goat...", From which original quote was of The Crowned Pope of Vatican. Of which later such short live cold war with the pope was immediately patch up. King Alfonso XIII Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter Great grand fa in father's side has been recalling back to Rome with a renewed relationship with the Pope till his last days.

In 1957 By Treaty Rome, Japan Assertion of a Constitutional Monarchy has been legislated by Queen Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter Great Grandfather on the mother side. USA Vis Roi of Rome Emperor Frederick Clement II deOldenburg. And Japan & Denmark Captain Guard Masaiche deRoxas 9th Frederick Edward of Third House of Bonaparte becomes Japan Consul General of USA Japan and Philippine Sultanate of Jolo to Europe.

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