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Biography of Neymar


Neymar's full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, a brilliant forward who currently plays for Santos although the rumors that place him at Real Madrid are increasingly insistent.

The striker was born in Mogi das Cruzes , a city that is located in the state of São Paulo, on February 5, 1992 , for which he is 19 years old.

You will be the father of a child you have had with a partner with whom you did not have a serious relationship. His idol has been Robinho since childhood, and in 2003 he signed for the team where he currently plays, coincidentally where his idol played. The game characteristics of both are very similar. He is a striker with 65 goals in 130 official games. It has a contract until 2015 and its starting price stands at 45 million euros .

Neymar and the Nike GS boots

These are the football boots that Neymar will be using during the 2012-2013 season, the Nike GS , some ecological boots made from recycled materials, a boot that weighs 160 grams and offers absolute ball control. Come on Neymar!

The new boots of Neymar 2012


Neymar, the Brazilian crack, boots premiered this weekend, and have been the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Red Black, a spectacular model for 2012 from Nike. The colors of the boots are orange and black.

Neymar: "My thoughts are on the Club World Cup"

"I just want to think about scoring goals, helping Santos keep growing in the championship. My thoughts are still to win in the Club World Cup "


Campeonato Paulista, 2010
Copa de Brasil, 2010
Campeonato Paulista, 2011
Copa Libertadores, 2011


South American, 2011

Individual Prizes

A revelation of the Paulista Championship, 2009
Part of the Ideal Team of America, 2010
Best Player of the South American Championship, 2011
Best Player of the Paulista Championship, 2010 and 2011
Second best Paulista Championship forward, 2010 and 2011
Top Scorer Brazil Cup, 2010
South American Championship, 2011

The son of Neymar

Neymar has uploaded a photo to his Twitter of the son he just had because at 19 he is a father. The name of the son is Davi Lucca. Do not miss the photo! Congratulations, crack, you live a sweet moment ...

Neymar and Interviews

Neymar: "FC Barcelona is the best team in the world"

What do you think about being able to say that you have already participated in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil three years before the start of the championship when you came on stage to help with the preliminary draw? 
I am very happy to be participating in this draw for the qualifiers. It is immense happiness, especially for being in my country. I feel very honored, really, mainly by the company of cracks like Ronaldo, Cafu, Zico, and others.

You have just played your first official tournament with the main team, Copa America. Did you expect the team to encounter so many difficulties? 
Against Brazil, most of the national teams are going to play like that, always entrenched and waiting for a counterattack. It does not have a solution. Now what we have to do is take action on this and learn to face that type of adversary; We have to work with that in mind so that the team does not look surprised again.

The final result was not ideal, of course, but I imagine that many things will have served to propel his career in the national team, right? 
Yes, there were many valid things. The experience that I have acquired in the championship, especially for being the first one with the national team, is something that will serve me for the rest of my career. It's a time to learn a lot. I've run into some difficulties, but it's a matter of adapting little by little.

Do not you think that sometimes people forget their age and that of others who are starting in the selection now? Do you think it's fair that you expect so much from a relatively new group? 
Yes, I think it's fair. Taking into account what we have been working on and demonstrating in our clubs, responsibility in football ends up being normal. We have to know how to face it, and we are starting, we are getting used to that. God willing, in 2014 we will be very prepared to lead Brazil to the title.

Changing the subject, let's talk about Santos. How would you describe your goal against Flamengo? How did you live the play? 
It was a play that started on the left side. First I dribbled to two markers, then I made a wall with Borges, I dribbled to the third, then to the fourth opponent, and ended up finishing off the net. It was a beautiful goal. I was very happy to score a goal like that in the stadium that is my house, in Vila, where I started. It was wonderful for me. At that time I did not realize much, only later I started thinking about that goal.

In addition to the conquests, his generation in Santos is raising general admiration for this type of hauls. Do you think that level will be sufficient to deal with the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011 with guarantees and for an eventual confrontation with Barcelona? 
Look, facing Barcelona is very complicated. I think it's not a question of tactics. I think we're going to have to pray and entrust ourselves to God before jumping into the field (laughs).

But in recent years we have seen that the teams that have been able to win at Barcelona have done it by equipping themselves well in defense and taking advantage of isolated occasions, even those that had real stars in their ranks. Do you think Santos can play Barça face to face? 
We're going to do our normal football, that's the idea. But before thinking about the final and Barcelona, we have to play a game that is very important and that can be dangerous as well. Of course, we want to reach the final and, if we have to face Barcelona, we will do it on an equal footing. Barcelona is the best team in the world, it has the best player in the world in its ranks, but we are going to make our football.

Neymar: "I want to continue in the Santos"

Real Madrid and Santos. "I intend to continue in Santos, what happens outside this hotel I do not know anything, I did not speak with my agent or with my father, it is they who are making the negotiations. I intend to play the Club World Cup with Santos. Being compared to Leo Messi, the best in the world is sensational. Messi is the best, he is above all. I hope that one day, with a lot of work, I will reach that status "

America Cup. "In my entire career, I have received demands. I do not feel any weight of pressure. The demands will strengthen me. Thank God, in all the decisive games I always scored. I hope to help on this Saturday with goals. We do not want to decorate the play. What we want most is to score, I do not want to decorate the plays "

Neymar Social Media





“Anyone who knows anything about football who needs to know that nobody is better than Neymar .

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