Which Famous People Born In Montana | List of Celebrities Biography

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Which Famous People Born In Montana

Manitoba, the central province in Canada is home to over one million residents. Most ancestral inhabitants of this prairie migrated from Europe, Britain and Southeast Asia.

Social Activists :

Louis Riel who founded the province of Manitoba was an influential Métis leader in the nineteenth century. Riel fought to preserve the culture and rights of the Métis by going against the wishes of the Canadian Government. He is as the father of Manitoba.

Nellie McClug was a politician and social activist who fought for women’s rights. She was a force behind the moral and social reform movements that were common in the early 1900s in Western Canada.

World Records : 

Doug Henning is placed among the greatest magicians of modern society. He, however, succumbed to cancer in February 2000 at the age of 52. Dean Gunnarson has his name three times in the Guinness Book of World Records as an escape artist. Edna Deanna Durbin is remembered for being the highest paid female star in the world at the tender age of fourteen.

Arts, Entertainment and Science :

Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman are recognized for their spectacular rock performances. Cordell Barker and Richard Condie have received numerous Academy Nomination awards for their Cartoons that included “La Salla” and “The Big Snit”. Other artists include David Steinburg, Phillip Ens, and the Wyred Sisters.

Jackson Beardy is recognized for his artistic works that had characteristic scenes of people from holy stories.  Jackson was a practicing member of the “Woodland School of Art” as well as an important member of India’s “Group of Seven”.

Tommy Doughlas whose reputation continually grew from his teenage days initiated major contributions in Medicare.

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